The Emerging Legal Technology Forum Urges Technological Innovations to Improve Delivery of Legal Services

Published for Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute on April 14, 2015

Thomson Reuters’ Legal Executive Institute joined with the Stanford Law School to conduct The Emerging Legal Technology Forum last week in New York City. It was a wonderful event.

Stanford Law Professor Phil Malone and I opened the Forum with an overview of the promise of technology to improve the way legal service is delivered. We sounded an essential chord for the Forum: Quality—technology enables higher quality of legal service, and not simply greater efficiency.

The first panel—moderated by Roland Vogl, who leads CodeX, Stanford’s Center for Legal Informatics—presented a concrete and comprehensive briefing on the state of legal technology. Prof. Vogl provided a survey of technology applications, category by category, drawing on his work at Stanford. The panelists then discussed how their firms presently employ technology, including the following examples: Seyfarth Shaw’s Chairman Steve Poor, discussed how Seyfarth employs technology and process design fundamentally to revamp its service delivery model. Wilson Sonsini’s Jim Yoon discussed how technology enables him to be far more selective in what needs to be done to achieve client objectives, producing better outcomes at lower cost. Ravel Law’s Daniel Lewis shared how Ravel utilizes technology to permit lawyers to understand better how courts apply precedent in deciding cases, taking them beyond what the cases say to how those cases impact judicial decisions.

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