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The 2nd Annual Law Firm Financial Performance Forum

Plan to join us now for the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Forum’s Second Annual Law Firm Financial Forum on September 18, 2015 at the Thomson Reuters Global Headquarters in New York City.

Building on the conversation begun at last year’s sell-out conference, this year’s conference focuses on identifying and applying key metrics and measurements that will drive firm profitability by changing behaviors.

Our panel of leading thinkers from law firms and academe will then examine the impact these measures have on fundamental business models and lead an interactive case study designed to explore how a firm’s business model could change as a result.

The profound changes that are taking place in the market for legal services require all firms to reexamine their practices and business models in order to stay competitive and profitable in the years ahead.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from those who have been leading the conversation about the impact of the changing market on law firms and what steps firms should consider taking to adapt.


9:00 AM

Introductory Remarks

9:15 AM

Identifying Metrics That Measure Law Firm Financial Performance Better 

In this panel, Mike Abbott will present a newly designed report by Peer Monitor on the financial performance of large law firms, using an innovative set of metrics which measure law firm financial performance in ways that are more meaningful and useful for law firm leaders.   The panel, which includes some of the longest standing observers of law firm financial performance will add their observations about the Peer Monitor report and the state of law firm financial performance.

Ralph Baxter – Chair, Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute

Mike Abbott – Vice President, Thomson Reuters Legal
Aric Press – Consultant and Formerly, Editor-in-Chief, The American Lawyer
William D. Henderson – Professor of Law and Van Nolan Faculty Fellow, Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Dan DiPietro – Chairman, Citi Private Bank Law Firm Group
Alexander Y. (Sandy) Thomas – Global Managing Partner, Reed Smith LLP

10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Measuring and Applying True Profitability to Drive Results

Our panel of law firm leaders and advisors will discuss how law firms can and do measure their true profitability and apply the learning of the data to shape the firm’s business and service delivery models.  The panel will explore the practical issues that profitability analysis presents in the law firm setting, as well as the leadership and management challenges.

William D. Henderson – Professor of Law and Val Nolan Faculty Fellow, Indiana University Maurer School of Law
Feaz Rahim – Chief Financial Officer, McCarthy Tetrault
Ted Tinson – Chief Operating Officer, Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Alexander Y. (Sandy) Thomas – Global Managing Partner, Reed Smith LLP

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Assessing the Range of Law Firm Business Models

Professor Jonathan Molot will discuss the challenges of the traditional law firm model, drawing from his article [cite to USC Law Review article] and his suggestions for changes to the model that would benefit all stakeholders.  A panel of leaders of two successful firms which have adopted innovative business models will then discuss their experience, including candid observations about what has worked and what has not.

Jonathan T. Molot – Professor of Law, Georgetown Law School

Timothy P. Mohan – Chief Executive Officer, Chapman and Cutler LLP
Jason L. Peltz – Partner, Bartlit Beck Herman Palencher & Scott LLP

2:15 PM

Designing a New Law Firm Model

Margaret Hagan from the Stanford Law School joint venture with  Stanford’s renowned  School of Design discusses the design process as applied to law firms and, specifically, how law firm’s might go about a re-examination of the traditional law firm business model.

Margaret Hagan – Fellow and Lecturer in Law, Stanford Law School and Stanford Institute of Design

2:45 PM


3:00 PM

Interactive Case Study: Advising a Firm on Its Future Business Model

For this highly interaction session, all conference participants will be given a case one week before the program.  The case presents a firm that has decided to change its model, based on the opportunities and risks presented by the current marketplace.  Participants will break into groups and decide what changes to the traditional model the firm should adopt, and then present and defend their conclusions to the entire group.   Each group will be facilitated by a faculty member.  The conclusions will be summarized and published on the Legal Executive Institute web site.

Discussion Leaders:
All faculty members

4:30 PM

Closing Session

A concluding discussion of the issues covered during the day and of the agenda for the Third Annual Law Firm Financial Forum in 2016.